Dibidì World Srl

Dibidì World Srl is a full-service production company focused on animation. One of the most important skills is the management of all aspects of the production, from the conception of original content and IP, TV series, feature films, short films and ADV spots.

Octopost Srl

Octopost Srl is an audiovisual post production laboratory that offers its skills and passion for the realization of film, television and advertising projects. The main services offered are: color correction, post audio, finishing, mastering, encoding and delivery for broadcasters, translation and subtitling, video editing.

Officina 5.1

Officina 5.1 is an audio post-production studio that is in the Cinema and Television market with professional skills in the field. In a structure of 250 square meters at the foot of the Roman aqueduct inside a former mill there is a Dolby Atmos Ready Mix Room, three editing rooms and a second Meyer Sound broadcasting mix room, audio and video transfer services and an open space inside and outside for the relaxation of our guests.

Marshmallow Games Srl

Marshmallow Games Srl creates and distributes educational mobile apps for children. Its mission is to create new digital experiences that can give value to the time children spend on electronic devices. Founded in 2014, to date it has exceeded 2M downloads worldwide. Its latest app, Smart Tales, a collection of interactive stories about STEM subjects for children aged 3 to 6, has received 7 international awards for its educational value and safety.Marshmallow Games has entered into over 50 partnerships worldwide for the for the distribution and marketing of its apps or to build apps for third parties.

PM Studios Srl

PM Studios Srl based in Bari, Italy, is an independent interactive entertainment software development company. Founded in 2001, the company develops and publishes projects worldwide through various distribution partners. P.M. Studios has successfully used game design in many fields creating historical and educational services and products, creating new brands for big private companies like IBM and public bodies like Regione Puglia ( and INAIL ( At the level of research and theoretical development, the company has created the international multidisciplinary research project “Videogames & High Culture” which focuses on the art of game and video game development  ( .

Massimiliano Di Lauro

Massimiliano di Lauro is an illustrator, character designer, layout artist. He has published illustrated books translated into seven languages and collaborates with Italian and foreign magazines.
In 2016 he started his activity as art director and designer for the Roman studio La Testuggine.


Digivox. Production of Original Music for Film Soundtracks, TV Series, Video Games, Pop Rock Artists, Performances, Art Installations, Events, Art Exhibitions in any style, genre, instrumental ensemble and format. (Credits: Broadcasters and Major Discographics: RAIUNO, RAIDUE, RAITRE, RAI FICTION, CBS music, SONY BMG, SONY Music, Hispavox, EMI, Universal Music, European Space Agency etc…; Arrangements and compositions for Baricentro, Festa mobile, Raffaella Carrà, Pino Daniele, Daniela Romo, Raphael Martos, Bertin Osborne, Frassica etc…; Performance live arrangements for Stevie Wonder, Joe Cocker, Liza Minnelli, Lucio Dalla, Orchestra Ritmi Moderni della RAI.

Nasse Animation Studio Srls

Nasse animation studio is an animation studio, based in Taranto, which deals with IP development, 2D animation, paper stop motion and pre-production. The decennial experience in the field of animation of Nicola Sammarco, CEO and co-founder, projects the studio in a professional, competitive and artistically innovative dimension, thanks to the collaboration of artists and creatives of international fame.


Valorize :- Valentina Lorizzo is an illustrator, character designer and concept artist. Since 2013 she has been working as a freelance for Italian and foreign clients on projects concerning illustration, publishing, pre-production, 2d animation, motion graphics, advertising, new media.

Hermes Mangialardo

Hermes Mangialardo. Cartoonist, videomaker, visual performer, 3D mapper, Hermes Mangialardo since 2003 deals with everything that revolves around digital animation. His short films have been selected in the most important festivals around the world. In addition to the production of animations and video clips, he works as a Videomapping Artist, creating Architectural mapping around Europe.

Blending Pixels di Roberto Santoro

Blending Pixels is a collective founded by Roberto Santoro, made up of artists, authors, designers and technicians, specialized in the creation of content for large-scale projects, in the design of sets and images for opera and performing arts, and in the development of interactive and immersive experiences.


Mediafarm S.r.l. creates integrated solutions for advertising and new media research and development, from web design, software and apps to 3D graphics and animation for VR and AR, from audiovisual productions to innovation to management consulting and marketing services. The mission of the company is, in fact, to cultivate a dynamic approach, in tune with the new paradigms imposed by the Digital Transformation, to ensure customers a professional offer of integrated services that, starting from a solid know-how in the processes of communication and marketing, is increasingly projected towards Hi Tech innovation.

Fondazione Apulia Digital Maker

The ITS Apulia Digital Maker Foundation offers highly specialized post-diploma courses in the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Area and is part of the national network of over 100 Foundations of the ITS System, promoted by the Ministry of Education, University and Research and the Regions. Established in Foggia in 2015, the Foundation was born on the impetus of some companies in the area that, together with universities, research centers and local authorities, have started the processes of technology transfer required by the regional production fabric. The ITS Apulia Digital Maker is also a Technology Transfer Centre in the field of Industry 4.0, recognised by the Ministry of Economic Development ( Directorial Decree of 22.12.2017).

Evholo Srl

Evholo’s mission is to explore technological solutions in the areas of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Computer Vision, and Artificial Intelligence that can improve people’s lives. Evholo specializes in the creation of holograms and their representation and enjoyment with both stand-alone users and remote collaboration with each other.

CG Service Srl

CG Service Srl provides advanced hi tech solutions and multimedia setups for entertainment and communication. To turn an event into a spectacle, attention to detail makes the difference, it is only in this way, through proper technical support, that emotions come to life.